Which dog breeds have the most health issues

Siberian Huskies appear to be more prone to a range of autoimmune diseases, many of which include 

Siberian Husky 

skin-related symptoms. Often on the face, these disorders result in sores and hair loss. 

Siberian Husky 

Bulldogs are susceptible to respiratory issues, just like any dogs with those cute smashed-in faces.


Pugs are susceptible to eye issues due to their squished cheeks and droopy eyes. An eye that is protruding from its socket is the most serious.


Hip dysplasia is common in several big breeds. Hip dysplasia is characterized by an improper fit between

German Shepherd 

 the ball and socket of the joint, which results in discomfort, arthritis, and difficulty walking. 

German Shepherd 

Any dog can gain weight, but labs are more prone than other breeds. Additionally, obesity in dogs is 

Labrador Retriever