What iconic dog are you, based on your horoscope sign?

Libra, you have a lot more in common with Bruiser than you would realize. You both have a strong sense of justice, are highly fashionable, endearing, and sociable.

Libra: Bruiser from Legally Blonde

Togo was a genuine dog who guided a life-saving sledge team through Alaska in 1925; he is not merely a fictional character.

Scorpio: Togo

And a Scorpio is the only sign that is more tenacious than Togo. You're passionate, courageous, and headstrong like Togo, but you also both have a playful side.

Scorpio: Togo

You are most like Dug from the Up movie if you are a fun-loving and impulsive Sagittarius. You two are both upbeat, social creatures who can't help but get sidetracked when they're doing something they love.

Sagittarius: Dug from ‘Up’

You're the definition of laid-back, Capricorn, which explains why you get along so well with Buddy from The Secret Life of Pets.

Capricorn: Buddy from Secret Life of Pets

The cynical Dachshund enjoys treating himself occasionally (mixer massage, anyone?).

Capricorn: Buddy from Secret Life of Pets

You, Aquarius, are a match made in zodiac heaven with Clifford the Big Red Dog, with your outgoing demeanor and free spirit. Both of you share the same optimism, friendliness, and openness. In a crowd, an Aquarian is difficult to overlook.

Aquarius: Clifford