The best behaved cat breeds

Maine Coons are big cats that may weigh up to 25 pounds and are referred to as the gentle giants of the cat world. They have tufts of fur on

Maine Coon 

the tops of their ears. They like being near their owners despite the fact that they are frequently fairly autonomous.

Maine Coon 

This social cat is the light of the party and is recognized for its striking coloring and piercing blue eyes. The chatty and gregarious loud breed has a friendly disposition.


This lively bundle of joy, one of the oldest cat breeds, enjoys life to the fullest.


Since they recline in a relaxing, floppy position when being carried around, this kind and relaxed 


cat certainly lives up to its name. The lovely species enjoys time spent with its owners and cuddling.


The Persian cat breed is ideal if you want a sociable lap cat. The Persian is a well-behaved cat that like routines and is one of the most popular breeds because of how fluffy and soft it is.


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