Six Cat Breeds for Relaxed People

Birmans are a wonderful companion for calm homes because they are affectionate and laid-back. These cats get along well with kind children and other animals, including kind dogs.


This cat tends to get along well with everyone, including children and other animals, and has a peaceful, laid-back disposition.

British Shorthair

The unique calmness, gentleness, and friendliness of Chartreux cats make them excellent family companions.


Exotic shorthairs are mellow, kind, calm, and affectionate, and they have the same disposition as Persians.

Exotic Shorthair

The Persian and Himalayan are different breeds. Himalayans get along well with most humans and animals and are affectionate, cuddly, and peaceful.


They get along well with polite children and peacefully coexist with other domestic pets, like calm dogs and other cats.

Coon, Maine

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