Popular Dog breeds with floppy ears

When you heard the phrase "floppy ears," you probably thought of a basset hound right away. The dog's large face and short legs give its ears an even longer appearance.

Basset hound  

Funny how beagles are related to the very calm and laid-back basset hound, but they have a lot of activity. Although they are scent-seeking canines, beagles like barking more than hounds do. 


These little hot dogs are remarkably strong for their size. Due to their heritage as scent hounds, dachshunds have a keen sense of smell and some natural hunting instincts.


large ears, large brains, and big hearts characterize cocker spaniels, who are normally sensitive yet always up for a good challenge.

Cocker spaniel

Rightfully so, these tiny cuties have gained popularity among dog owners. Their fluffy coats and floppy ears make them appealing, but they are also quite friendly and loving.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Elegant puppies, weimaraners are always up for an adventure. They like playing with their people and require a lot of exercise.


These strange-looking canines appear to have pigtails. Saluki dogs are noted for being agile sprinters and like going for runs despite being slim yet muscular.


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