Most Pessimistic Zodiac Signs


Taurus dislikes unpredictability since it is a set sign.Taurus tends to get opinionated and capable of saying some harsh, direct things when they're in one of their bad moods.


It doesn't take much for someone born under the sign of Cancer to move from being in a happy attitude to one that is a bit more pessimistic.


One of the zodiac signs that might be the most negative is Virgo. This sign's inhabitants are perfectionists who worry naturally.


When something doesn't go according to plan, Virgos are prone to become depressed.


Scorpios are the zodiac's investigators, thus they have a keen eye for suspicious circumstances. They are incredibly adept at uncovering the truth and abhor being misled.


Scorpio would profit significantly from laying down their magnifying glass and making an effort to avoid making snap judgments.


Saturn rules Capricorn, therefore by nature they are usually quite serious people. And it makes it easy for them to become gloomy, especially when their ideas fail.

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