Foods that have the most vitamin C

With up to 2,907 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams, it has the highest known content.

Kakadu plums

Polyphenols, or plant-based micronutrients, are abundant in cherries. Additionally, 

Acerola cherries

they contain a lot of vitamin C, which gives them anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. 

Acerola cherries

A little, tart, sweet fruit from the rose plant is called a rose hip. It contains a lot of vitamin C. Rose hips provide 426 mg of vitamin C, or 473% of the DV, in just 100 grams.

Rose hips

The amount of vitamin C in one green chili pepper is 109 mg, or 121% of the DV. In contrast, one red pepper has 65 mg, or 72% of the Daily Value.

Chilli peppers

125 mg, or 138% of the DV, of vitamin C can be found in one guava. The antioxidant lycopene is very abundant in it.


As sweet or bell peppers mature, their vitamin C level rises. A big yellow pepper has more than twice as much vitamin C as a green pepper, at 342 mg, or 380% of the DV.

Sweet yellow pepper