Five Calmest Cat Breeds 

The Birman cat breed, which comes from Burma where it was revered as a sacred animal, is one of the calmest cat breeds. It has a medium-to-long coat and is a medium-to-large breed.


The British Shorthair is another cat breed renowned for its calm demeanor. Males often weigh more than females in this medium to big

British Shorthair

cat breed. British Shorthair females weigh between nine and fifteen pounds, while males weigh between twelve and eighteen pounds.

British Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is known as the Persian of the lazy man. It is a medium-sized breed, and males often weigh between seven and

Exotic Shorthair

fourteen pounds, while females typically weigh between six and ten pounds.

Exotic Shorthair

Another breed that is known for its calmness is the Japanese Bobtail.

Japanese Bobtail

Persian cats are peaceful, placid, and submissive animals. 


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