Cat Breed Lives The Longest?

The Burmese cat is a lively, sociable, and independent feline that was initially a hybrid between a tiny brown cat from Burma and Siamese cats.


The Savannah cat, which is a hybrid of a domestic cat and an African serval, is only advised for knowledgeable owners.


The Egyptian mau is a gorgeous cat with a distinctively spotted coat that was given its name because it featured in ancient Egyptian art.

Egyptian mau 

The calm, loving ragdoll usually adores its owners and longs to be their constant companion. It also has a 


reputation for becoming relaxed when handled, giving rise to the moniker "ragdoll". The breed is often in good health.


The Balinese most likely developed as a longhaired spontaneous mutation of the Siamese. The length of the coat is the sole notable


distinction between the two breeds. The Balinese are outgoing, informal, and sociable, just like the Siamese.


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