Can Dogs and Birds Living Together?

Many individuals might believe that dogs and birds are not compatible as housemates. This has some elements of truth. It is nonetheless

conceivable. You should be aware that dogs naturally exhibit a high level of predatory behavior. It would be prudent to keep an eye out for

predatory behavior in your dog. Your dog is attempting to stalk other animals if they have steely eyes, a rigid body, or appear frozen. It is

crucial to remember that predatory sequences can happen fast since some dogs give a teeny-tiny warning before striking. It is essential that you locate a safe home for the bird. 

The cage needs to be sturdy and safe. Dogs are clever creatures that will exert every effort to achieve their goals. Will you take the bird out of the 

cage periodically during the day? If so, be cautious to keep your dog safe and far from the bird. If your dog behaves in a certain location, provide

positive reinforcement. While the bird is scurrying around the home  you may offer your dog a toy or plush treat to keep them occupied.