Birman Cat Information

Like Siamese and ragdoll cats, Birmans have color-points. The main characteristic that distinguishes them from Persians and 

Himalayans is that they have blue eyes and a medium-length hair without an undercoat. 

 Since ragdolls were developed from birmans, they have a fairly similar appearance but somewhat distinct markings and

traits. They are entertaining, sociable cats who like attention—from their preferred person. They are a one-person cat more so than other cats.

You would assume from the Birman's lengthy coat that the breed needs a lot of maintenance. Actually, maintaining the coat is fairly simple. 

Because it is a single coat, there is no undercoat to remove, and the silky quality of the coat allows it to avoid matting. It just has to be brushed

with a soft slicker brush once per week. Shorten your Birman's nails and check inside of his ears once a week. 

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