Best dog breeds for cold weather

The well-known Siberian husky will definitely spring to mind when you think about snow dogs. 

Siberian husky 

 Huskies are renowned for their vigor, stamina, thick coat, and tolerance of extremely cold weather.

Siberian husky 

The mild and fluffy New fie was initially developed to aid Canadian fisherman navigating the chilly North Atlantic seas.


A Nordic breed called the Finnish Lapphund was created to aid in the move of reindeer herds over the tundra of Lapland, located near the Arctic Circle.

Finnish Lapphund 

The Akita, a native of Japan, was first bred in the country's chilly mountainous areas as a guardian and hunter. These canines are noble, passionately devoted, and typically reserved.


The Keeshond is a breed that originated in the Netherlands, where it served as a watchdog and companion for the boats on the country's canals.


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