According to your astrological sign, what famous dog are you?

Aries, you're an adventurous sign that loves to take on new experiences, which is why you and Bolt go hand in hand. The Disney pup is an animated actor who appears in cinema as a superhero.

Aries: Bolt from ‘Bolt’

Growlithe is one of the numerous canine-like Pokémon species that embody the best traits of the Taurus zodiac. Growlithe and you, Taurus, share a passionate loyalty.

Taurus: Growlithe from Pokemon

Those born under the Gemini horoscope are compatible with talkative Perrito, who is also your ideal mate. In the third Puss in Boots movie, Perrito, an adorable and lively dog, makes friends with Puss.

Gemini: Perrito from Puss in Boots

You have so much in common with Peter Pan's Nana, cancer. Wendy, Michael, and John are cared for by Nana, a canine nursemaid.

Cancer: Nana from Peter Pan

You have a very calming presence, Cancer, just like Nana. You continue to be a loving, devoted, and protective parent to those you hold dear.

Cancer: Nana from Peter Pan

Like you, Leo, Lassie is a well-known mythical dog, and not just because of her lion-like mane. The courageous Rough Collie saves her owner from various situations during the series.

Leo: Lassie from Lassie

Wishbone is a very intelligent dog who guides viewers through a variety of literary works.

Virgo: Wishbone from Wishbone