Cat Breeds With Long Hair

One of the most gorgeous long-haired cat breeds, the Ragdoll is defined by its exquisite colorpoint coat pattern and startling blue eyes.


Beautiful as may be, Persian cats are a more well-liked long-haired cat breed distinguished by its very long, lavishly silky coat and small nose.


It is renowned for its strong shape, shaggy coat, and the adorable fur tufts on its toes and ears.

Maine Coon

These adorable floofs must be included on our list of long-haired cat breeds.

Turkish Angora

The Scottish Fold also comes in a long-haired form, but you might be more familiar with the short-haired version.

Scottish Fold

The American Curl is available in both short-haired and long-haired varieties, like the Scottish Fold.

American Curl

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